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Urs E. Gattiker is a professional speaker for conferences, corporate events, internal training and workshops.  He will engage and inform your audience.

Urs has appeared on various news shows, conducted keynote speeches, and has given a variety of video interviews.

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I strive to engage with your audience, be informative, and provide pragmatic recommendations.

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All presentations or workshops can be held in English or German.

1  adding social to your web strategy
Consumers in some cases industrial buyers make decisions within social networks for products. Thus, corporate websites are less relevant today than a few years back. What should companies do?

Challenges are such as:

    – Companies can not respond quickly enough to customer needs. The result is that real-time is not fast enough.
    – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn do not forgive customer support snafus, how can this risk be minimized?
    – What damage can mis-management of social media mean for your company’s brand and reputation?

Leading with these examples, Urs will present a customer strategy to lead—not react—to the needs of the changing marketplace as customers take control.

Delegates will recognize the changes that social technologies have brought to business, and walk away with an actionable plan to respond to these trends.

2 the customer – what does she want tomorrow?
What happens when social and mobile technologies become pervasive and persistent? Humans crave social interaction and now have the tools to do be constantly connected regardless of space and time.

Today, we’ve just begun to explore how simple self-publishing tools are interacting with early industries like journalism, PR, and marketing.Image - tweet by Gaby Feile @Kommboutique

Yet, despite these early advances, social technologies still have years to mature. During this presentation Urs will answer:

    – What happens when these technologies become pervasive and everywhere?
    – How will websites change as a result of customers asserting their voices on every webpage?
    – How will mobile technology fuel social behavior?

This forward looking presentation will break down the trends that are coming from technology, their impact to business, and how customers will react.

Attendees will walk away with a vision of the future as well as a plan to put into their long-term roadmap.

3. making your enterprise more socialImage - tweet by Gaby Feile @Kommboutique
Workers crave flexibility, connectivity, and speed. But we risk turning ourselves into busy fools, baboozled by too much noise and information.

Should we require attendees of meetings to check-in their BlackBerry and similar devices at the start of any meeting so staff can pay attention and work, not play with that thing?

    – How should we cope with this excessive flow of information?
    – How can staff better distinguish between being more connected, which is potentially very valuable, and just being more distracted, which is not?
    – How can business and campaign groups use social networks to change long-term behavior?

Attendees will walk away recognizing the changes that social technologies have brought to their work lives. They will have strategies to take control when they can. Know when the switch off and how to move quickly on social networks when confronted by a sky full of lies.

For your internal meetings or workshops, Urs will love to discuss this further, see his contact page.

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