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Please submit your application (cover e-mail should be part of the application) and please tell us:

– the reasons why you want this particular job,

why you believe you are qualified to do the work – here links to work examples you have done would be very helpful (e.g., programs you have written, project reports, etc.)

Of course, a complete application also includes a:

1-2-page CV (Curriculum Vitae) – enclosed as a pdf file (free program to create pdf file) please tell us about:

    – your work experience – list each position held in the last 10 years,
    – job responsibilities for each position, AND
    – your achievements in these positions

As a student you might also want to list your extracurricular activities (e.g., work you did for student council or student newspaper).

We also urge you to have a look at the services we offer and specify in your cover letter or where else you find it appropriate how your talents, skills and education help us to provide a better service to our clients:

Services and Tools (please check it out)

If you got the skills and the motivation to work in our team, we love to hear from you. AND YES, persons with disabilities, women and other minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

Once you are finished with the application please submit it to:

    job-opening at
please note
1 applications should be typed
2 do not send applications that are bound or enclosed in plastic or manilla folders
3 if you prefer you can, of course, snail mail (i.e. use the post office to mail) the application
4 if you snail mail the application, simply staple the application at the top left hand corner
5 if you email the application, please send us ONE pdf file (get a free program to create a pdf file here) that includes your cover letter, CV, job samples, writing samples, programming samples, etc.
6 please complete your CV, matching your skills and epxerience to the role and highlighting your professional qualifications or equivalent
7 we guarantee absolute confidentiality
8 please retain a copy for your reference because we do return copies to applicants