4 – calculating the overall score

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Every threat, vulnerability and possible impact in case something happens is ranked to arrive at the composite index of the CyTRAP Labs risk barometer.


CyTRAP Labs risk barometer
low ele-
critical severe
1 2 3 4 5
CyTRAP Labs Risiko Barometer
niedrig erhoeht mittel-
kritisch extrem
1 2 3 4 5

Important is to understand that it works as a composite index made up of three points of information that are each ranked using this scale:

– threat (ranked 1 to 5),

– vulnerability (ranked 1 to 5), and

– impact (ranked 1 to 5)

Hence, the above three numbers are added and then divided by three. The minimum (maximum) score for each assessment (threat, vulnerability and impact) would be 1 (5) for each rating, thereby leading to a sub-total of 3 (15).

The sub-total is then being divided by 3 leading to the end-score of 1 (5).

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