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Here you find information about our work with the the press. In particular:  in the mediapress releaseshow experts see it (you are here).

Others have probably put it best:


“Hi Urs,
Congratulations on the success of your post “Social media marketing: Can I trust you?” on Over 10,000 views is very impressive, great post!

We look forward to working with you in 2010.

    2010-01-04 Caitlin Hinrichs, Community Marketing Manager, Social Media Today LLC wrote in an email


‘To intelligently monitor one’s blog (which for many these days serves as our website) is common sense that is a wise best practice from the start (or at any point in time we are really blogging with intention).

Anecdotal data has its place but real metrics allow for wise changes that make a difference to be made.

Your Beta product ( was rich with feedback I have yet to take full advantage of, but I will!

    2009-12-22 Deborah Drake, Enrollment Specialist & Marketing Coaching Consultant wrote the above on Biznik

ComMetrics is a social media analytics company, a division of CyTRAP Labs GmbH. ComMetrics is well-known in the industry, including its FT ComMetrics Blog Index.

‘The company published a useful piece, Crowd-wisdom fails businesses. The basic premise is that crowds do not innovate. It’s useful, because it contains both truths and misconceptions about the role of communities in the innovation process…

ComMetrics makes good points here. And kudos to ComMetrics for taking the time to weigh in on this topic. Their post provides a good framework for considering both the problems and opportunities of working with communities in the innovation process.’

‘I highly recommend reading Urs’ article! He does a great job of explaining the pitfalls of measuring social media ROI, and offers some valuable resources and takeaways.’

‘ComMetrics provides us with valuable insights into trends and measurement issues. Its team of experts is well respected for its tools and analysis for bechmarking social media.’

‘…. I read several of your articles, including your checklist. This (Urs+Nahum’s SECURITY CHECKLIST) seems both helpful and timely – particularly the emphasis on classifying and disposing of data to understand and ultimately reduce risks.’

‘…. Professor Urs E. Gattiker in Denmark, who is undoubtedly the most reputable independent source in network security today. Whatever Urs will say we will have to accept, I guess….’

CyTRAP Labs ‘… they bring with them long experience in promoting robust systems.’

Dear Urs,
Your “7 lessons learnt” article is very interesting and (to me) easier to understand than the presentation slides some experts presented in special forums here in Brussels.  Unfortunately, such slides tend to contain a lot of information which is difficult to fully grasp just by reading the slides.  In contrast your blog post was succinct and right on the money

    2007-11-13 – Andrea Service – Deputy Head – Internet; Network and Information Security – European Commission

They may put it better than we ever could. One of the nicest things they can do is to quote our material or re-distribute it word-for-word through their own distribution channels. For instance,

– 2007-06-16 – FiRST – Forum of Incident Security Response Teams – Global News section CyTRAP Labs’ checklist – taking your notebook on a trip #1

FiRST often chooses to re-distribute our alerts to its members a day or two after we did to our subscribers. Many FiRST members work for private or national CERTS (Computer Emergency Response Team).

The above example is interesting in particular because,

– part of this tip was e-mailed to our subscribers in December 2006,

– we released it on one of our blogs in early January 2007,

– more than six months later – June 16 2007 – FiRST decides that this posting is interesting enough and re-distributes it subscribers of its RSS feed.
If this is not a vote of confidence in our work, what is?