5 – Media und Referenzen

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Here you will find information about our work with the the press, including in the media, press releases, and how experts see it.

We rarely break news. It is not in our business model, since we have neither ads on our blogs, nor any desire to be ‘first’. Instead, our job as industry experts is to tell you what it means and be a reference source for the market. We can help in two ways:

    1. If you have a journalist that needs quotes, send them our way after briefing us.
    2. We will certainly tweet about any stories that we think are important, and may blog from an analytical perspective if we find it particularly interesting.

Before you pitch, please remember our coverage area:

    – For the ComMetrics blog, we cover a wider, more general area that includes all social media marketing, strategic processes, web analytics, statistics and trends.
    – For our corporate governance and risk management services offered through CyTRAP Labs, we cover issues regarding the minimization of threats and vulnerabilities while ensuring better compliance.

We look forward to hearing from you! You may also contact Urs E. Gattiker directly.