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CyTRAP Labs has recently conducted on behalf of ENISA a stock taking of national policy and regulatory environments of 23 countries. Protecting our e-communication networks is critical in a society where we are becoming ever more dependent on communicating and exchanging data as well as information. Here we present you with the results of another dependability, reliability and resilience study about public e-communication networks we conducted on behalf of ENISA involving 21 Member States and 2 EFTA member countries.

ENISA is helping the European Commission, the Member States and the business community to address, respond and especially to prevent Network and Information Security problems.
Resilience of e-communication networks – particularly dependability and reliability – has been one of the core activities undertaken by CyTRAP Labs GmbH On behalf of ENISA we recently conducted a study regarding policy, technical and resilience issues for improving dependability of public e-communication networks.

Our team members were:

The study surveyed 21 EU Member States and 2 EFTA countries regarding their policies and activities for improving dependability and resilience of public e-communication networks. Since this information is now public we thought we share it with you. You can have a look at the ENISA webpage that provides you with a short summary about this project here:

Improving Resilience in European e-Communication Networks – ENISA presents its “Stock Taking of Regulatory and Policy Issues related to Resilience of public eCommunications Networks”

alternative download if above is too busy  (ENISA – 2 page summary about project – pdf)

If you want to have a look at the complete report – ideal for doing some searches on the pdf document – you can download the study from ENISA for free, of course, right here:

ENISA – Stock Taking of Member States’ Policies and Regulations related to Resilience of public eCommunications Networks – 318 pages – done by CyTRAP Labs GmbH on behalf of ENISA alternative download if above is too busy (ENISA report – 318 pages – pdf)

For each country the report shows you a summary at the beginning including: – who participated in the study, – which agencies are involved with network resilience in the country surveyed, At the end of each country report of between 12 to 18 or more pages you find more pertinent information such as: – reference list with urls to find the laws and regulations pertaining to resilience and public e-communication networks, and – additional resources – with urls. In turn, just browsing through this document and searching for some keywords will get you in adea what is happening across Europe. As well every country report where possible: – points out some of the things countries want to change to improve dependapility of public e-communication networks. Going through these pages provides you a rare glimpse at what is happening across Europe when it comes to improving robustness or dependability of public e-communciation networks. CAVEAT Each country approved the summary we included in the report. Hence, sometimes the words were ours sometimes not. As well, sometimes the responses might be straight forward and other times a bit more general to reflect political realities.

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