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Do you really know traffic that wants to enter your computer or leave your computer?
Many of us have an unlimited broadband connection to the internet which means that our computer may be vulnerable to a malicious attack from the internet for hours to come
Hence, we need an effective traffic cop that minitors incoming and outgoing traffic and stops unauthorized traffic.We tell you, how you can find well-functioning firewall for free – quick and easy.

As we knowdkdkdkdThere are many wonderful freeware products available these days. Some of these are as good as their commercial counterparts and a few are possibly even better than an expensive commercial option. This list features CyTRAP Labs pick of the ‘creme de la creme.’Most if not all of the utilities in this list were included in past issues of the bi-weekly newsletters- WincurityMobility und Produktivitaet

More freebies are published in most of the upcoming issues including updates from this list.

a best free firewall

b best free anti-virus software

The list provided above is ordered by program function rather than merit. Hence you have to get the most out of it by looking at the various sub-section from beginning to the end.

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