Application procedures

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If you applied you can usually expect the following to happen:

1) You should receive a confirmation that we have received your application within 4 working days.

2) With the above message or subsequently you should receive an e-mail telling you either that

    a) your application is complete or else any
    b) additional material that you should provide us with (see also how to submit your application making sure you included all what is needed) in order to help us in evaluating your application better.

3) Within 10 working days you should either have received information that:

    a) we would like to talk to you to further explore your application, or else
    b) currently we do not have any positions open fitting your qualifications and skills

4) If your response was point 3a above, then we will try to get in touch with you probably via e-mail to find a mutually convenient time to talk either on the phone or in person inviting you to visit our offices.

If you have a question or feel something went wrong in this process, please feel free to contact CyTRAP Labs Recruiting Staff using the following e-mail address:

    • job-opening at

As well, we adhere to our strict privacy policy during the application process and keep your material confidential, of course. As well, you should be aware that normally we do not return any materials that you submitted with your application.