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Do you really know traffic that wants to enter your computer or leave your computer?
Many of us have an unlimited broadband connection to the internet which means that our computer may be vulnerable to a malicious attack from the internet for hours to come
Hence, we need an effective traffic cop that minitors incoming and outgoing traffic and stops unauthorized traffic.We tell you, how you can find well-functioning firewall for free – quick and easy.

As we know by know, firewalls stop unauthorized communications from entering or leaving one’s PC.Of course, using a laptop means one surfs outside the corporate or home network that has hardware-based firewalls installed (e.g., with the routers). $

A Windows PC without a good firewall is like a home with neither a door nor a door lock that was used by the owner before leaving the premises to go to work today.Much about firewalls and how you can fine-tune them we have provided here:

CASEScontact.org security guide – firewalls

Of course, newer versions of Windows come with a bundled firewall called the “Internet Connection Firewall” or “ICF.” But ICF only stops incoming communications to one’s PC. Unfortunately, it fails to prevent unauthorized programs from sending data from the PC to the outside world.

Result is that if spyware has been installed on one’s PC (e.g., one’s computer is now part of a botnet that sends out spam), ICF will not stop it from sending out spam from your PC to wherever the malicious user wants it to be sent. So before installing one of the good firewalls below, follow this guide

CyTRAP Labs – step-by-step – de-activating Windows firewall


For users who are worried about installation and day-to-day operation of a software-based firewall, Kerio Personal Firewall is our first choice

Based on our own use and tests, this firewalls seems to cause the fewest problems. Nonetheless, its protection is quite good. If in doubt, just choose refuse and avoid making a rule of a decision you have just made unless you are sure that you want to allow the program to follow this rule next time around (e.g., Windows reporting back to Redmond).

Download Kerio firewall here – 7MB

If ease-of-use is not your criterion than the Comodo firewall is another contender. The firewall offers you a detection system as well and also supports internet connection sharing. Kerio’s free version does not.

But you do require patience, because the Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is, like most of these, very talkative at the beginning. It will ask you if certain things are allowed, in turn trying to learn from your responses Patience is the key because approving an action that one did not want to approve – mistake – may hurt you down the line.

Comodo has managed to further reduce in the past reported conflict with other security products of major security software suppliers. So if you do not mind to use your technial know-how, this is a free product that can be recommended.

Download Comodo firewall that comes with an IDS – 8.3 MB

With these firewalls you will be able to construct a strong yet accurate security policy and, thereby maintain clear control over your network connections.

Surfing without a firewall is not just dangerous but it may make your PC vulnerable to becoming part of a spam network by having files installed on your computer you have no knowledge about. So be responsible and take action by installing a well functioning firewall.


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  • http://www.no-ski-crew.org Snowboard Lifestyle

    I was googling for free firewalls and i found your site, thanks for sharing the list with us, but i’m now using the Comodo firewall and i tested it with the mcafee online scan to see if it’s good. Well it didn’t do very well, the online portscanner saw all my opened ports and that’s not good. I will try out the other one, but i still need more alternatives. Please share with us if there are any others. Thanks in advance!

  • http://My.ComMetrics.com Urs E. Gattiker

    Dear “Snowboard Lifestyel”

    Thanks for the comment.

    Since you have hundreds of ports on your PC, there are always a few ports open. In fact, you need a few open to do such things as surfing the web.

    The Comdo firewall works nice on my machine. But of course you may try others if you wish, such as Online Armor which runs on a few of our machines.

    Hope this helps and surf safely. Looking forward to your next comment.