F. Public service and projects

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This is the public service and projects section (you are here) of our services, which include social media packageworkshops and conferenceswhat our clients think, compliments and Komplimentegenerating more revenue with Web 2.0deadly sins of Web 2.0.

Our staff have been elected to serve on various committees, including several for which we receive no remuneration and therefore consider public service.


    Sharing the know-how and harnessing the crowd

We currently moderate and manage a group on Xing about social media monitoring, measurement and benchmarking issues. Membership is free and anybody who is interested can join, all we ask participants to do is actively engage and share with other members. Participants come from industry, international organizations, non-profits, pharmaceuticals, finance and manufacturing, among others.
Image - Xing group - Social Media Monitoring - barely 520 members - 6th most active group in English on Xing - our members care, share their know-how and learn from each other faster than elsewhere.
While some members are social media, marketing and PR experts, others are beginners or their expertise is in statistics or measurement. This wide variety of talent enables the group to address issues in depth from a wide variety of angles to make sure that solutions work in practice.

Join the group and gain insight

Another tip: If you want to find more of our posts and white papers on this or any other topic, just enter a keyword and our name on your favorite search engine, such as usability ComMetrics.

    Social media: Humanitarian response, political change and fundraising

We have also launched a series of webinars for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), non-profits and humanitarian organizations in trouble spots around the globe.

The first webinar in this exclusive series will be held April 12 and is described here: Geneva Forum on Social Change: Accelerating impact.

You can watch another video here (German):

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You can view the slides in the compliments and Komplimente section.