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Clients can receive various services and technical assistance from CyTRAP Labs. When acting in any capacity, CyTRAP Labs confirms any course of action that it will take regarding technology, security procedures, baseline measures and metrics with a client beforehand.
Below we provide you with easy links to get more detail about the various services

For your convenience we have outlined some of our services below (click on any of these links listedbelow to get more info):

The CyTRAP Labs Guide® is a series of guide books published by CyTRAP Labs for various issues regarding infrastructure protection and information security. The term refers by default to Urs and Nahum’s RoadMap, the oldest guide. CyTRAP Labs also publishes other guides, such as:

– CyTRAP Labs privacy guide (in preparation)
– CyTRAP Labs tools guide (in preparation)


To make it more convenient for you to take advantage of CyTRAP Labs’ offerings, just provide us with your e-mail address below. You can personalize your subscription to make it suit your needs.