Urs and Nahum’s Checklist

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This is the gateway for Urs and Nahum’s Security Checklist:

You can download the LATEST VERSION here as a pdf:

Download Urs+NahumChecklist-20070702 – latest version now as pdf file

How important risk management is shows this case:

SAS risk management – after 2 crashes we get damage control

The above illustrates that it always pays to be prepared by following best practice and standards.

In turn, reputational damages, possible legal consequences and negative press can be avoided. SAS having to admit in September 2007 that it had known about the security risks but decided to continue flying these Q400 turboprops anyway, neither helped its reputation for secure, safe and reliable service nor its legal liability picture.

So use the Urs + Nahum Checklist to help your organization prevent larger and smaller disasters and failures to comply to regulation and laws by implementing better:

– internal control,

– compliance and

– risk management.


If you want to know more about the authors see:

Urs E. Gattiker

Nahum Goldmann


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