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by Urs E. Gattiker on 2007/07/30 · 0 comments 9.449 views

Recently we pointed out that it is sometimes easier to work up in the mountains during a hot sommer period:

Bosco Gurin – Valle Maggia – wish you were here

During our time up in the moutains we decided to sharpen our corporate strategy a bit. For this purpose we all went on a hike – different environment = working out of the box.

Unser Sommerbuero in Bosco Gurin

If you cannot see the above image, check here – Rossboda alp – Bosco Gurin – Valle Maggia – Ticino – Svizzera

During our hike and breaks we came up with a strategy that you can read about here:

CyTRAP Labs – corporate strategy

Due to the surroundings and a lack of technology including powerpoint slides :-) – what we wrote is straightforward and simple. Important is that we see the customers as our most important asset, while investors follow as point 4.

Oh, and before we forget, having no powerpoint slides to work with it seems logical that our corporate strategy is extremely short. In fact, it takes no more than a paper napkin to describe our corporate strategy.

Hence, all team members know it inside out and understand what it means regarding their daily work.

No we did not feel it was necessary to use fancy words nor charts to bring our point across.

See for yourself (CyTRAP Labs – corporate strategy).

Unser Sommerbuero in Bosco Gurin

If you cannot see the above image, check here – Bosco Gurin – Valle Maggia – from the Rossboda alp – Svizzera

We have started to implement this strategy and hope that it will continue in letting us strive for better results that benefit our stakeholders.

We keep you posted.

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